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HECK YA you're getting married, he liked it and he put a ring on. You've never been more pumped, and you're about to embark on the most insanely awesome adventure ever. But before this adventure starts, you're going to need a kick-ass third wheel (me duh) to document the day where it will all begin. I'm about to be your new bestie, your personal paparazzi, the most stoked fist pumper, and your biggest advocate. I'm more than just your wedding photographer, I'm the gal capturing those heart stop, can't breathe moments, the snort laughs, the dad hugs (cue me ugly crying), and the booty shakin. I dig into the real, raw, messy, and honest.

I’m alllll about the ridiculous and goofy stuff. You can expect to run at me singing and spin each other around until you fall down. Why? Because I LOVE the real, honest, moments that happen after. My goal is to get you guys to laugh, have fun, and feel like YOU!

I have an addiction to that mushy love stuff, the wrinkly-nose giggles, the snort laughs, and the sweet & intimate kisses. You're not here for the posed awkkk photos you're here for that "holy crap this is my person I can't live without them" shot. Enter, me! Lets make magical love photos together, eat snacks, crack jokes and PARTY!

Tayler doesn’t just capture moments that turn into memories. She captures the soul having an experience. The soul never dies, but instead grows and expands it’s heart. Her photos are capturing the soul’s heart in a time of growth. A time when you can see the soul glowing. She captures what the human eye is seeing at that moment. Those little moments create who we are and the souls carry those memories for many many lifetimes. “

- A dear friend and client
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