Frederik Meijer Gardens Wedding - Grand Rapids, Michigan | Destination Wedding

I drove out to meet Pam as she was getting ready for her wedding at the Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. I pulled up to her sweet little childhood home in Holland, Michigan and saw cornfields to the left, and a beautiful little lake to the right. There's something about the Midwest that always feels like a big friendly hug. The girls got ready, jammin to Paramore while Pam's kitty lounged on the bed. There was such a sense of calm in the room, and I knew that Pam was ready.

We drove 30 mins to Grand Rapids were Pam + Caleb would tie the knot at the gorgeous Frederik Meijer Gardens. I met the boys down by the lake and was immediately greeted by Caleb, who just emulates kindness. You could see that he was glowing with excitement to finally see his bride.

Surrounded in the sweetest Japanese Garden, 40 of Pam + Calebs closest family and friends lined up on either side of the lake dock. Misty eyed, Pam strolled down the path to meet Caleb, finally. Their ceremony was faith and family centered, both Pam + Caleb's parents shared a few words of marital advice and scripture. It was clear that these two have an incredibly strong sense of faith, family, and an unbreakable bond between them. 

Flying out to a new place to meet new faces for the first time, the day of their wedding, is always nerve wracking. But I knew after chatting with Pam over the months leading up to her wedding that it would be like seeing an old friend. Pam + Caleb are the type of people that light up a room with their smiles and pure joy for being alive. They've endured big moves, new jobs, and tough times, only growing stronger in their love for one another. 

What a special day, with two VERY special humans. I'm so lucky to have visited such a beautiful little town and witnessed these two starting the rest of their journey together.