Destination Elopement in the Glamis Dunes | California


I’ve been dying to shoot an elopement out in the desert for such a long time. A few years ago I was on my way to Arizona from San Diego and I passed by this magical place. I had no idea what it was or that other photographers had also found their way out to this place, but I knew I just had to shoot here. Three hours outside of the city and what seems like another continent, Glamis Dunes pops up in the middle of the desert, a very welcomed surprise. 

I was able to convince these two beautiful humans to road trip out during the August heat and throw on the most BEAUTIFUL gown I've ever seen from BHLDN. I was beyond excited to finally see one of my visions come to life.

I expected to come out to the dunes with a gorgeous dress and a stunning couple to create magical photos. What I did not expect was the emotions and the connection I would feel seeing Marla + Brent's love come to life before my eyes. It never gets old seeing true soulmates interact and the love and devotion they have for each other. Brent is an incredibly talented photographer, and we took little breaks throughout the day so he could shoot a few photos of Marla. 

When I asked Marla about the night they met, she said it was instant chemistry and they didn't leave each other's sides for two days straight. Seeing them talk about it with each other was beautiful, you could see their eyes light up with joy. I felt so honored to capture their love for each other in such a stunning place.